Moosecow DVD – Available Now!

MoosecowWhy not purchase a copy of Rob’s multi award-nominated, zero award-winning stand-up show?

MOOSECOW is a combination of Rob’s stand-up and sketches featuring his pal Joel. The show was nominated for The Golden Gibbo at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and was awarded  Judges’ Commendation at the Adelaide Fringe.

The DVD contains a bunch of extras including sketches, Late O’Clock interviews, a commentary with Rob and Joel, and some of a debate Rob was in. (It was filmed a while ago and isn’t as nice as his new DVD but it’s still okay, I guess.)

Here are some nice things people wrote about the show:

…a unique comedian… downright weird but darn funny.”

“Highly imaginative… Pure gold…

**** -The Advertiser

Sharp, angular and intelligent – a powerful manifesto of funny.

-The Age

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(Why not buy 6? It’s a good idea)

For Rob’s other (better) DVD  ‘Special Detective’ please click here.