Not having seen any of the other Harold Potter movies or read the books, I have to admit I was quite lost in this one. What in blazes was going on!? From what I could gather the movie centred on a young boy, Harry, and his quest to kill a man who appeared to have been horribly burned in a fire or fires.

There was also a subplot featuring some guy named Ron and his girlfriend Hermione (sic?), although I found it hard to invest in these characters as neither of their names was in the title of the movie.

This film is full of problems, the least of which is the acting. I don’t know about you but when I am
told a movie is in English, and I always specifically ask so to avoid accidentally watching foreign
garbage, I expect it to be coherent. “Avada Kedavra!?” It is pronounced, “Avocado Debra”, morons. And why this woman or her fruit form such a big part of the plot is anyone’s guess.

Overall “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hellos Part II” is a disappointing affair. I have to say the director, actors and the parents of all cast members really dropped the ball on this one, although a delightful cameo from Dame Judi Dench as Hagrid was a nice touch.

1.5 stars

-Derwood McGlurk