Melvin Eggshoe – X-Ray Vision

This month’s letter comes from Melvin Eggshoe of New Jersey, Spain.

Dear Derwood,

If you have X-ray vision and you look into a mirror, do you see your own insides or the insides of the mirror? This is freaking me out.


Melvin Eggshoe.


Dear Melvin,

Mmm, X-Ray vision – the theoretical fifth sense. Largely misunderstood for many years, perhaps 12, few people are aware that X-Ray vision is a naturally occurring talent among humans. Unfortunately due to its rare occurrence, and the fact that it is often mistaken for attention deficit disorder, the skill tends to go un-nurtured and is no longer taught in schools, instead replaced by history, mathematics and obesity.

Thankfully some X-Ray skilled people do go on to successful careers. How else could humans accurately distinguish between donkeys and piñatas? That€’s right – there is no other way.

To focus now on your particular question, which is actually very simple and bordering on wasting my time, it depends what kind of mirror it is. Thanks for writing.

Your pal,